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How War in Western Asia Creates Opportunities in Destabilized European Economies

As conflicts in the central eastern world continue, what effects will this have on western civilizations, more specifically the ones closest to the sources? How is this, at the same time, an opportunity for businesses to be proponents of social change?


Psychology: Learning Benefits of Children in Multilingual Families

As the world becomes more and more globalized, many more people are traveling and exploring the world. This leads to people of different cultures meeting and eventually starting new families. How do these new families cope with the variety of cultures? How do the children respond? How does knowing how to speak multiple languages impact and benefit children?


The Holy Trinity Of Language Acquisition

For me, every time I start studying a new language, I need to find the perfect resource to learn it through. Unfortunately, these are usually very different depending on the target language. Let’s face it: languages vary in a multitude of ways. For this reason, our approaches to learning new languages must also be varied.