Travel Highlights: Norway

I just booked my flight to Oslo, and I can’t express how excited I am to venture into this Nordic country come summertime. There’s such a variety of activities to undertake; it’s really overwhelming!

Here are just a couple of things I’m looking forward to:

Western Norway:


  1. Stavanger: This cute western city is located in one of the most natural beautiful places I have ever witnessed. It is one of the largest cities in  Norway and gives easy access to some of the more ‘wild’ sites.


2. Hafrsfjord: Close by to Stavanger, this area contains the infamous Viking Monument: three larger-than-man sized swords impaling the ground. What an awe-inducing location.


3. Lysefjorden: One of Norway’s natural beauties, the Lysefjorden is a must for any seeker of fjords. The region also attracts adventurers from all walks of life, as the Lysefjorden bodes many high-risk activities.

Southern Norway


  1. Heddal Stave Church: What I’m probably most looking forward to see in Southern Norway is the old stave church (a stave church is a wooden medieval church). This is the largest stave church in the world and consequently one of the most famous.

Southeastern Norway

Grensen Looking Toward Oslo Domkirke

  1. Oslo – How could I not be excited about experiencing one of Norway’s most cosmopolitan cities! There’s so much to do! In nearby Tronsberg, one can take Viking Ship cruises, one can try the Viking Ship museum, museum of arts, visit fortresses, you name it!


BONUS: SKAM – one of the reasons I became so interested and invested in Norway is the recent-hit show SKAM. If you are not yet familiar, I highly recommend glimpsing this culturally-different yet highly compelling TV show, you will not be disappointed.




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