Welcome to my first ever blog post!

It’s an honor to have somehow caught your attention for long enough to click on my link.

I hope what you find meets your expectations!


This blog’s main purpose – well, one of its many purposes – is to keep an allegory of information on subjects pertaining to language learning, travel, innovative business practices, world cultures, and political discourse. There will be fun, as well as academic, posts and articles alongside personal recommendations and opinions.

A note about political articles:

I come from a multicultural, yet Western, family and sometimes that may be expressed in blog posts. I will try to keep an objective, neutral stance on matters pertaining to politics by clearly illustrating where my interpretations of the facts begin, although outside bias is difficult to eliminate fully. I love international politics and foreign affairs and will likely devote lots of time to those topics within different posts.

A little bit about me:

I am a high school senior currently searching for college programs and opportunities. My intended field of study is International Business (and/or Finance, with minors in Political Science and Portuguese), and I hope to pursue my education all the way to the graduate level. I live in the Southeastern United States, but am originally from Stuttgart, Germany. Neither of my parents are originally from the continental USA, with my dad stemming from Germany and my mother hailing from Puerto Rico. I speak German and Spanish, alongside English, and will respond to any blog comments in these languages.  I will also try to respond if you comment in Portuguese, Dutch, or Japanese, but will probably achieve varying amounts of success.

Languages are my top love, and this will become prevalent in the content of the blog. I will be sharing trips and tricks on how I learned the languages that I speak, how I’m currently learning more, and how I find the resources for languages in the future. I also love traveling to areas where different languages are spoken, and have been to 15 different countries so far, and I am currently planning to visit three more this summer (Denmark, Sweden, and Norway).  I will be making top ten lists of places I’ve been, as well as places I would love to go.

I hope this blog becomes an interesting source for you, the reader, and that you’ll come back weekly to check out new posts and comments on things that catch my fancy!

Have fun!


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